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Welcome to Spokane MotorSchool, Spokane, Washington, United States. Spokane MotorSchool, Spokane, Washington is a locally owned business comprised of MSF Certified Instructors and Motorcycle Enthusiasts. Our goal is to put you on two-wheels and build your confidence, skills and passion for the sport! We can provide you with the skills and training to develop into safe, responsible motorcyclists. Our instructors are experienced, highly-trained professionals who are enthusiastic about helping you to become the best rider you can be. We use the standard MSF Curriculum and will provide a safe, positive learning environment.
JumpStart Class is designed for the brand new rider and offers both a smaller class size and more time to practice just the basics. We provide you with the motorcycle and the helmet! Our Professional Instructors will help you achieve good clutch control, posture and directional control. Lots of time is spent practicing the basics: starting and stopping, shifting and straight-line riding. Dramatically improve your success and level of fun and learning for the Novice Class, by getting the basics in JumpStart. Perfect for the brand new rider!

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10220 N Nevada St., Ste 100 Spokane, WA
United States
(509) 326-6181
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