Spa Hotel Kurmittelcentrum

Spa Hotel Kurmittelcentrum in Zingst, Nordvorpommern, Germany | Hotel

Welcome to the Spa Hotel Kurmittelcentrum in the health resort Zingst

Our modern therapeutic facility and the comfortable apartments offer best possibilities to spend healthy holidays. You can take a choice among various courses of treatment or wellness offers.

Since may 2002 the Spa Hotel Kurmittelcentrum health resort Zingst is officially acknowledged as a sea spa resort, where sea water is used as medicine.

Zingst - placed in a harmonic rural environment - offers an impressive countryside with its forests and meadows, sandy beaches, clean air and healing climate. The Spa Hotel Kurmittelcentrum guests are offered opportunities of therapy with natural medicaments as natural peat and seawater.

Further more there is a great variety to go in for sports like riding and hiking, swimming and going on horseback - best possibilities for physical and mental recreation.

We would like to care for you, to offer medical treatment and advice. We are a highly qualified team under the management of Eveline Wolff-Kraus and Hermann Kraus, both experienced therapists. With great effort we try to meet the rising requirements according to the quality of our services. Our greatest aim is to satisfy the needs of our guests and patients at Spa Hotel Kurmittelcentrum.

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