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Woven within the fabric of the finest home-style Italian cooking in Perth experience the craftwork of its tailor, Alfonso Di Lanzo Proprietor of Sorrento Restaurant.

With the original Sorrento founded in William Street and looked after by Pappa Ribaudi, Restaurant has been producing the finest in Sorrento Retsaurant Italian cuisine for the past 53 years. Today in James Street, Alfonso entertains with a welcoming smile, a sparkle in his eyes and the occasional joke all behind his irresistible, Latin charm.

The success of Sorrento restaurant can be measured by many factors, the longevity of the staff and family atmosphere consisting of Alfonso and his wife Tina, Lieta Aquarola formerly of the original Romanos and Harry’s Seafood, all which Alfonso refers to as his “family”. Mix this with the elements of traditional freshly cooked food made from the freshest of ingredients, from pasta to prawns, ravioli, risotto and scaloppine to name just a few of the dishes Sorrento are famous for.

In 1998, Alfonso and Tina gave a new Tuscany look to Sorrento’s atmosphere and in 2001 with the arrival of an Italian pizza maker from Naples, Sorrento installed a Pizza Oven to provide patrons a broader menu selection.With expansion always on the horizon, Alfonso will continue to add extra delights to the restaurant for many years to come.

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