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Soothe Treatment Rooms at the Soak Group in Newcastle, Co.Down, Northern Ireland offers luxurious Spa treatment rooms with oak wooden flooring, a music system, specialist therapy lighting and a treatment couch all built with your complete relaxation and comfort in mind. Seaweed and peat based products are used by the Spa therapists who offer an extensive array of healing and relaxing Spa treatments designed to improve your health and beauty, and restore your body's natural balance and harmony. Spa Treatments include Massages, facial, Seaweed Baths, body scrubs, wraps, and packages are available. So after your invigorating and rejuvenating Seaweed Bath at the Soak Group bath house, extend your stay for a fabulous holistic Spa treatment at the Soothe Treatment Rooms, your body and mind will thank you and love you forever.

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5 South Promenade, Newcastle, Co.Down, Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland
United Kingdom
028 4372 6002
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