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The Soak Group in Newcastle, Co.Down, Northern Ireland is a multi award winning Seaweed Bath house and offers the whole package with accommodation, spas, treatment rooms, and tea rooms. The Soak Group even has a gorgeous seafront location and your magical journey starts with your own personal steam cabinet, followed by a hot seawater Seaweed Bath that will detoxify you and provide plenty of minerals for your skin, your session ends with a freshwater jet spa shower. Seaweed products are sold at the Soak Group and they have six single Seaweed Bathing rooms and one double, suitable for couples, and sessions last for one hour and fresh seaweed is used for every bath. Come and enjoy the sheer luxuriousness of being energised and invigorated with the ultimate Seaweed Bath experience at Soak Group in Newcastle.

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5 South Promenade, Newcastle, Co.Down, Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland
United Kingdom
028 4372 6002
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