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Welcome to Skydive Spain, a dropzone close to Seville, Andalusia in Southern Spain. Learn to skydive in sunny Andalusia within close reach of many airports. We offer beginner courses in Accelerated Freefall (AFF), Tandem and RAPS, all taught by British Parachute Association instructors. At Skydive Spain we fly up to 15,000ft, the highest altitude in Spain providing world-class coaches for experienced jumpers' team training.
The Funshine Boogie is all about you and is designed to progress your individual and group freeflying skills. The coaches are of world class standard and manage small groups for the whole day, enabling you to get quality coaching time before, during and after the jump.
Competitive Skydiving, in it's various disciplines is a highly challenging and time consuming sport. With the ever increasing usage of wind tunnels, the design of the very latest canopies and the constant striving to push new boundaries, every athlete has to give that little bit extra to stay ahead of the game.
Here at Skydive Spain in Seville, Andalusia,, we feel honoured to be part of our customers Skydiving adventures and as such feel we want to help out wherever we can by re-investing in the sport.
Whatever your reason for entering the sport, whether it to be just for the one-off experience, raising money for charity, progression to a qualified skydiver, or just for a personal challenge, we will make sure your visit to us will be an experience of a lifetime.
Our customers come from far and wide to skydive with us from towns such as Estepona, San Pedro, Puerto Banus, Marbella, Torremolinos and Malaga to name a few. We can provide travel arrangements for you if you think Seville is too far.

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