Sidreria Restaurant Arizia

Sidreria Restaurant Arizia in Zarautz, Guipuzcoa, Spain | Restaurant

Sidreria Restaurant Arizia in Zarautz, Gipuzkoa, Spain is an incredible place with really good food and authentic natural cider produced by them in an unbeatable natural environment. Here they combine the Basque menu with the cider menu and serve delectable starters, fish and meat dishes and desserts in the spacious dining room with open terrace and cozy atmosphere with stunning views. Sidreria Restaurant Arizia is about great meals and their cider which can enjoyed by the bottle or txotx which is about serving yourself cider directly from the kupelas to the glass as many times as you like. They also offer guided tours through the winery where they make their natural cider, walk through the orchards and learn all about the process from the picking to the actual cider, and tours include a tasting and small snack, fascinating stuff.

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Frantsesbidea s/n,
Basque Country
943 100 489 - 658 724 413
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Cider House
Basque Menu
Meat Dishes
Open Terrace
Guided Tours
Apple Orchards

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