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Welcome to Shoal Bay Scuba
We at Shoal Bay Scuba ( Karma Charters) welcome you. Our Instructors and Divemasters are all experienced and have been in the industry for a minimum of 6 years.
We have designed a dive boat (custom built on Anguilla) covered, with one deep ladder and one beach ladder, storage area, dry cabin, 1 fresh water shower, music.
We provide individual bottled water and have fresh fruits and boiled sweets to take the dryness from your mouth.
We realize you are on vacation so we make your dive experience as easy as possible, we are happy to carry your equipment and anything else you wish to take on the boat, you just relax and enjoy the sun.
We are located on Shoal Bay East, for one reason it offers more dive sites within a 15-20 minute boat ride that any other location on Anguilla, this means you spend more time Diving and less time riding to and from the dive sites.
Dive Boat
Our custom built boat was built in Anguilla where boat building and Sail boat racing is part of the national culture. The Shoal Bay Scuba ( Karma Charters) offers 2 quiet and environmentally friendly 4 stoke engines, shade, CD/Radio, drinking water, shower and dry storage on board. As well as two ladders for easy entry and exit from the water or beach.
Scuba Paradise
Anguilla is the best Caribbean vacation destination for those who are planning a trip that includes scuba Diving. Beach connoisseurs have known about Anguilla's spectacular white sand beaches for more than a decade, ever since the first super deluxe resort opened in 1985 and began catering to the rich and famous. With all the attention being paid to the beaches and the almost too numerous to mention gourmet restaurants, the scuba Diving in Anguilla has remained one of the best kept secrets in the Caribbean.

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