Seewirt & Haus Attila Hotel

Seewirt & Haus Attila Hotel in Podersdorf, Neusiedl am See, Austria | Hotel

The Seewirt & Haus Attila Hotel in Podersdorf, Germany is perfect for a simple, unspoilt and relaxing escape. You may take a seat inside or in our spacious garden and enjoy fresh fish, well tried recipes and new highlights during unbelievable sunsets.

Most of our rooms at the Seewirt & Haus Attila Hotel have balconies with a view onto the glittering lake and are furnished in a classical, contemporary style.

At the Seewirt & Haus Attila Hotel, we have been producing our own wines for generations. Dedicated to highest quality, we bottle what nature gives us to enrich life through wine.

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+1 305 538 9697
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