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Welcome to Seaside Teas, Seaside, United States. Seaside Teas is more than a fine Tea Room & Cafe; Its more than delicious food and great service; And its more than pleasant surroundings and attractive decor.

It is our goal at Seaside Teas to provide our Tea customers a total experience in dining and pleasure that is a real treat that comes from a true labor of love!

At Seaside Teas we promise and assure you that your dining experience will include the finest foods, from the very best ingredients, expertly prepared in our fastidious and sparkling clean kitchen! We also want you to enjoy a warm, welcoming and interesting stay in very pleasant and friendly surroundings.

Our staff has been instructed and carefully trained to treat each guest in a grand fashion as if our Tea patrons are royalty! We have combined all this in the fine tradition of an English Tea Room. To this we have added our own special touches! Come and have a great time!

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Seaside, Oregon, United States
United States
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