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Seas the Bay in Dunfanaghy, County Donegal, Ireland | Boat Charters | Fishing | Wildlife

Seas the Bay in Dunfanaghy, Ireland, is a reliable and reputable company offering boat rentals and enjoyable Fishing trips for a minimum of 6 people. They will take you to the best Fishing reefs to do what you love best, Fishing. Itineraries will be customized to suit personal plans, preferences and requirements to ensure you have the best Fishing experience. Our company also offers full private Boat Charters that enable you to sail to places of your choice and at your own pace. With Fishing trips arranged by Seas the Bay, you will see spectacular scenery, Wildlife and stunning ocean life along the way, and anglers are able to buy additional tackle on the boat. Rod hire and excellent Fishing lessons are also available from our company.

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