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Sea Life Centre in Bicheno, Northeast Tasmania, Australia | Aquarium | oceanarium

Sea Life Centre boasts the best vista on the East coast, offering 180 degree views of the sandy white pristine coastline surrounding the quaint seaside village of Bicheno, Tasmania in Australia.

Enjoy the breathtaking scenery over Waub's Bay, Diamond Island and the beautiful natural coastline from our dining room.

Relax and have a meal or a drink in the Restaurant, browse in our colourful and interesting Gift Shop or visit our Aquarium. Visit us in Bicheno and discover that Sea Life Centre has something for everyone!

Bicheno is located on the East Coast of Tasmania. It boasts the best and warmest weather. It is a 2 1/2 hour drive from either Launceston in the North or Hobart in the South. It is the perfect stop over for any trip. Visit us for a delicious lunch, a cup of coffee and snack or a glass of local wine while enjoying the ocean view.

Dinner time is made even more special, as not only will you enjoy a lovely meal but it is likely that you may see the Fairy Penguins on their nightly march back from a day at sea. You can view all this from your table!

Truly a unique experience at Sea Life Centre Steak & Seafood Licenced Restaurant. Our restaurant specialises in locally caught, freshly cooked Tasmanian Rock Lobster, commonly called Crayfish. We serve a variety of Tasmanian seafoods such as Scallops, Blue Eye Trevalla and Pacific Oysters. We also cater to non-seafood diners with tender and tasty Tasmanian grain-fed char-grilled Steaks, Chicken dishes and Vegetarian meals. To compliment the fantastic local produce that goes into our meals, we serve a selection of Tasmania's finest wines as well as our favourite wines from mainland Australia.

Want to take a piece of the seaside away with you from our Gift Shop?
Take a piece of the seaside home from our gift shop. Our Gift Shop has a wonderful range of beautifully displayed Sea Shells from all over the world; from large Trumpet, Triton and Nautilus Shells to the small and colourful Land Snails. We also have a vast selection of unique arts and crafts, mobiles, wind socks, boat kites, jewellery and Tasmanian souvenirs. We're sure to have something to suit all tastes.

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