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Schmetterlings Farm in Trassenheide, Ostvorpommern, Germany | Butterfly Farm

Schmetterlings Farm started 150 years ago as a large family passion in Trassenheide. Schmetterlings Farm is now in its fourth generation and with equal passion, is pursued by a wide audience.

Schmetterlings Farm,is the largest Butterfly Farm in Europe, the operator and manager of the plant, Hilmar Lehmann and his companion Sabine Steinke, found optimal conditions in the former sports facility, which is now home to beautiful tropical butterflies.

In Trassenheide on 5,000 square metres, Schmetterlings Farm is currently home to more than 60 different types of sub-tropical butteflies. These include exotic plants, and the accompanying humidity and the corresponding temperature. The impressive moth Attacus Atlas has a wingspan of 30 centimetres, but only one of more than 3,000 now lives at Schmetterlings Farm. In addition, there are masters of camouflage the leaf moth, which are the butterflies that look like leaves.

The site includes free flight halls with waterfalls, butterfly and insect museums.

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