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San Remo in Kempten, Allgau, Germany | Italian Restaurant | Italian Cuisine

San Remo is a restaurant and pizzeria in Kempten, Bavaria with exquisite Italian Cuisine, where food is a piece if life, where you sit down together at a table and enjoy a moment of peace and relaxation all to yourself. San Remo is a place where you can enjoy being in the moment and treat yourself to something special in beautiful surrounds. The menu offers carefully prepared dishes based on original recipes using only the highest quality fresh ingredients. The menu comprises a wonderful selection of pizzas, soups and minestrone, fish dishes, salads, risotto, exquisite pasta selections and an excellent choice of meat dishes, they also have a children's menu and seasonal dishes, come for the best of Italian, it's all here.

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Leonhardstrasse 14,
+49 831 65401
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Italian Cuisine
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