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The Royal Turtle Inn in St. Maarten, Sint Maarten, Netherlands Antilles | Inn

Whoever Said "There's No Place Like Home," Never Visited The Royal Turtle.
There are, of course, many good things about being "home."
But we humbly suggest that once you've visited The Royal Turtle, our intimate little eight-room Inn on Simpson Bay Lagoon in St. Maarten, you may well think twice about where you'd rather be.
We opened in December 2003, so everything's very new. Our housekeeper is an absolute perfectionist, so your room will be spotless. The decorating was done entirely by Rose Wathey, who owns the place and used to live there before deciding to divvy it up into eight spacious, lovely rooms.
What's it like? Rose likes tranquility, so it's peaceful and lushly comfortable. She likes shades of green and blue, so those and other colors are interwoven into the fabric of each room. She also insisted on big all-wood four-poster king and queen size beds with mosquito netting, not those loathsome hotel-style beds with their cheap, uncomfortable mattresses. These are real beds, first class top to bottom.

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Simpson Bay
St. Maarten
Sint Maarten
Netherlands Antilles
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