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Nestled deep within the viridescent foothills of the ancient capital’s northwestern mountain range, ROKU Kyoto, LXR Hotels & Resorts redefines luxurious escape in Japan’s revered city. Beneath the breathtaking panorama of the Takagamine mountains, discover bespoke experiences in stunning natural seclusion.

The visitors can indulge in traditional elegance and contemporary comfort in the guest rooms of this Kyoto luxury hotel, each refining sophistication with panoramic views, while experiencing serenity with modern amenities tailored to discerning travelers.

This Kyoto resort takes pride in offering a plethora of amenities for well-being and leisure. For those relishing relaxation, the hotel’s tranquillity Spa features therapists blending ancient healing techniques with contemporary practices. There is a well-equipped fitness center as well as a Japanese garden suitable for meditative strolls. Guests can experience the rich local culture through tailored workshops and activities.

An unparalleled culinary journey is delivered in the dining outlets of this luxury hotel in Kyoto celebrating Japanese gastronomy, and curating flavors from locally sourced ingredients. There is a stylish lounge where the guests can savor premium sakes or whiskey.

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44-1 Kinugasa Kagamiishich?, Kita Ward
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