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Ristoro Nidrino in Brunate, Como, Italy | Italian Restaurant | Italian Cuisine

Ristoro Nidrino in Brunate, Como, Italy offers an excellent menu of delights with breathtaking lake views and a welcoming environment. The chef, a passionate man will take you on an exquisite journey of tastes and culinary adventures with delicious light salads, appetizers of cured meats and other delicacies, and mains of seasonal varieties and fresh ingredients ending with sublime desserts, and they cater to vegetarians. Ristoro Nidrino features a large and welcoming garden, it is perfect for family dining and they cater beautifully to groups, perfect for birthdays and special occasions, it is must visit and highly recommended by all who dine here with exquisite Italian specialties the order of the day or night.

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Via Allo Sport 2,
+39 333 252 1514
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