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Ristorante Molo 22 in Rimini, Rimini, Italy | Restaurant

The Molo22 Restaurant has become the flower to the eyelet of the tourist port of Rimini. With its "naval" shape and its inner lussuosi, this architectonic jewel of Rimini shows oneself on the reef of the bay of Saint Giuliano Sea. Great part of the customers of Navy, between skipper, shipowners of sailing boats, simple "navigators of Sunday", has adopted it like they privileged place of relax and ristoro. And for the diportisti of passage there is the comfortable one and it originates them chance to arrive to us from the opened sea directly, non stop. It knows them inner are furnished with modern and essential and material elements in wood and metal encircled from vetrate widths that are colored of blue thanks to the marine background. The wide terrace that it encircles to 360° all the Restaurant showing oneself on the sea, it offers the possibility to taste the genuine sapori and refines you of the kitchen of the Chef DANIEL SUCCI, and at the same time is lend also for Aperitivi or After Dinner.

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Via Ortigara 78/80
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