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Restaurants Coutanceau in La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime, France | French Restaurant

Restaurants Coutanceau offers Passion, Diversity and Innovation in La Rochelle!
Firstly passion, because the finest cooking can only be obtained from a passion to experiment with tastes, to create innovative meals and to cook to perfection. Restaurants Coutanceau also have another passion; to make sure that you have an exceptionally good time, shared with your family and friends, seated around our table.
Next diversity, because our profession is always changing, always getting better. In our restaurants, we actively promote diversity in fine dining.
Lastly, innovation, because I am convinced that you want your meal be full of surprises and new experiences.
For these three reasons, come and experience the excellent French cooking tradition taken to their innovative, diversified and passionate limits at Restaurants Coutanceau.

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Vieux Port 17000
La Rochelle
Bay of Biscay
05 46 41 32 51
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