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Restaurant Rasender Roland in Binz, Ruegen, Germany | Restaurant

The Restaurant Rasender Roland in Binz, on the island of Ruegen, Germany caters to everyone from railwaymen to hungry passengers in transit, long distance travelers, speed eaters, romantics and more, it is the stop over terminus for gourmet meals and snacks in an orginal furnished Restaurant. Full steam ahead as they say, this beautiful Restaurant with bar serves regional cuisine with a twist and views from the fantastic terrace facing south where sun from morning to sunset keeps you warm and cozy. The Restaurant Rasender Roland has a delicious and diverse menu and they cater to celebrations and anniversaries of all kinds up to 80 people complete with dance palace in the station hall, and keep your camera ready because the historic steam train Rasender Roland could arrive at any moment.

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Bahnhofstrasse 54,
+49 38393 134970
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Gourmet Meals
Regional Cuisine
Steam Train
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