Restaurant Ranch O'Plage

Restaurant Ranch O'Plage in Porto-Vecchio, Corse-du-Sud, France | Beach Restaurant

The Restaurant Ranch O'Plage is a paradise north of Porto Vecchio, Corsica, France just a few feet from the waves right on the beach of Cala Rossa, a place where refined and authentic seasonal flavours will delight, prepared by the chef and his team. Corsican specialties, grilled meats, catch of the day and pizzas over a wood fire are just some of the exquisite menu items, plus there's the essential dessert menu all with discreet attentive service. The Restaurant Ranch O'Plage also features the Luxury Beach Room with large furnished terrace to stay in, come spend your holidays right on the beach in an idyllic setting, and enjoy fabulous meals at the restaurant.

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Grande plage de Cala Rossa LECCI
+33 (0)4 95 71 62 67
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Beach Restaurant
Corsican Specialties
Grilled Meats
Wood Fired Pizzas
Attentive Service
Seasonal Flavours

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