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Rathaus Arkaden in Rostock, Warnemuende, Germany | German Restaurant | Wine Shop | private events

Rathaus Arkaden in Rostock, Germany, is a traditional German Restaurant of long standing with a tastefully decorated interior that exudes a warm and welcoming atmosphere that creates the perfect ambiance where diners can enjoy copius servings of delicious German cuisine. Our German Restaurant can accommodate up to 180 diners, and other venues include Senator Club, ideal for up to 35 guests, and the charming Gothic hall which is ideal for amazing weddings and other private events for up to 85 guests. An onsite Wine Shop features an impressive selections of fine wines. Rathaus Arkaden welcomes tour groups to their German Restaurant where tourists can enjoy a delicious meal in a unique and inviting setting.

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1 Neuer Market
+49 (0) 381 / 510 84 60
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German Restaurant
Wine Shop
private events
Tastefully Decorated
Welcoming Atmosphere
Perfect Ambiance
Delicious Meals
Unique Setting