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Come with Range Aboriginal Experiences in Calgary, Western Canada, Canada, on a journey to explore a world of Aboriginal traditions and natural wonders in the Rocky Mountains. Immerse yourself in the clean mountain air, and the sensational panoramas that unfold before you on our guided walks and hiking trips. You may find yourself hiking in unspoiled mountainous terrain, trekking through an intricate maze of canyons, delving into the secret passages of a beautifully carved cave, or backpacking over a mountain pass, but above all, you will find yourself removed from the pressure and demands of everyday life.
Whether your choice is to walk or hike in the provincial or national parks, Range Aboriginal Experiences of Calgary, Western Canada, are ready to help make yours a trip to remember. Your guides will educate you about the animals in this area, allowing you to feel comfortable and better able to focus on enjoying yourself. Be prepared to spend quality time with us, we don't believe that there?s any need to hurry, we would rather focus on your experience.
Please keep in mind that our half-day adventures are truly a half day. We develop our programs for those who desire a quality trip, and therefore you should be prepared to spend at least four hours with your guide when joining a half-day trip.
Imagine a getaway where you can learn the hands-on skills our Native forefathers, fire lighting, shelter-building, crafting and rope making, while learning about the culture and gaining a deeper understanding of the Aboriginal people. And to heighten the experience, you spend the night sleeping in an old-fashioned trapper's tent surrounded by the whispering trees and soaring peaks of the Rocky Mountains.

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