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Rahul's Cookery Classes in Palolem, Canacona, South Goa, India welcomes you to come learn how to make mouthwatering Goan and North Indian cuisine with Rahul, and learn about Indian spices, the culture and more. Come learn how to make Indian rotis, Aaloo Paratha, Malai Kofta and much more, the also cater to special requests for exotic dishes you have sampled in other parts of the country and will happily oblige, plus there are amazing spices for sale which come directly from the spice farm. Rahul's Cookery Classes offer vegetarian and non vegetarian Cooking Classes, and they use mineral water for cooking, in each class they prepare 5 dishes including 1 bread and 4 types of curries, come for the Indian divine and learn a new skill.

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House No. 209, At Peter Bar & Restaurant,
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