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Qenari Spa in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia | Spa | Aromatherapy treatments | Facials

Qenari Spa in Bandung, Indonesia, with its tranquil and welcoming ambiance, is the perfect Spa where visitors can enjoy a pampering Spa experience that includes a soothing
massage, yoga, Aromatherapy treatments, foot treatments, Facials and many other holistic treatments. A visit to our Spa provides a welcome escape from busy lives, and to
ensure you receive the most beneficial treatment we use organic plant-based skincare products that can also be purchased on site. A foot treatment at Quenari Spa is great
for relieving stress, aches and pain and for improving blood circulation, and our rejuvenating Facials will leave you with a glowing, healthy complexion.

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Jl. Pasir Kaliki No. F32
+62 22 607 7715
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