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Pro Dive Cairns in Cairns, Queensland, is considered to be one of Australia's premier diving schools, and with its terrific diver training facilities consisting of air-conditioned classrooms and heated training pool, this is the ideal choice for outstanding dive training. Our experienced instructors all share a passion for diving and they pass this passion on to their students. With Pro Dive Cairns you are assured of receiving the highest standard of dive training, whether you are a beginner doing your first open water dive course, or completing a dive instructors course. As one would expect from top class Dive Schools, we maintain high standards of safety, professionalism, quality training and we give students good value for money. And when you have completed your course, you can look forward to experiencing spectacular coral formations, interesting marine life and much more as you enter the exciting world of scuba diving.

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116 Spence Street
07 4031 5255
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