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Welcome to The Port of Yokohama, Japan. The Port of Yokohama is located on the north western edge of Tokyo Bay. It is a naturally blessed Port with a spacious water area on the eastern side and undulated hills on the northern, western and southern sides. In addition to its natural assets, the Port is equipped with various facilities, such as inner and outer breakwaters, that protects the Port from the effects of winds and tides. The Port also has an ample water depth and the Port of Yokohama has a long-standing history of more than 140 years as a leading international trade Port in Japan. The Port of Yokohama was opened in 1859 as Japan's first modern international trade Port and has now become the No.1 cruise Port in Japan. The Port, conveniently located within Tokyo Bay and surrounded by a rich assortment of tourist attractions, both modern and cultural, plays a vital role as the gateway port for metropolitan Tokyo as well as Eastern and Northern Japan. (The Port of Yokohama conveniently lies 11 sea miles closer to the Pacific Ocean than the Port of Tokyo.) With the completion of the state-of-the-art International Passenger Terminal in 2002, which also has easy access to expressways and airports, the Port is now committed to welcoming and capable of accommodating almost all cruise ships and we can meet their demands efficiently and warmheartedly.

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2 Yamashita-cho Naka-ku, Yokohama
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