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Pommern Hotel in Barth, Nordvorpommern, Germany | Hotel

The 3 star Pommern Hotel in Barth, Germany is family run just a few kilometres from the port, and all rooms come with a bathroom, smart TV, telephone, bar and free WiFi. The a la carte restaurant includes a club room, guest room and garden terrace, and they serve a delight of local and Mediterranean cuisine with drinks from the region including beer on tap, the club room is used for family gatherings and celebrations, and the garden terrace is only open in summer months, plus there is a grill and smokehouse. The Pommern Hotel is ideally located for enjoying the area with swimming, sailing and surfing, they have ladies bikes for rent on site, and men's bikes and e-bikes can be delivered on request, there is also tennis nearby, museums and other attractions, come for an unforgettable stay in beautiful surrounds on the quiet outskirts.

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Divitzer Weg 2,
+49 38231 45580
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Free WiFi
A La Carte
Club Room
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Garden Terrace
Mediterranean Cuisine
Private Events
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