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Plymouth Colony Winery in Plymouth, Plymouth County, United States | Wine

Plymouth Colony Winery is located in the heart of cranberry country, just a few miles west of historic Plymouth, MA, Center off of Route 44 in the United States.

The Plymouth Colony Winery building is a renovated screening house, circa 1890, surrounded by nine acres of picturesque cranberry bogs. Plymouth County has been a prime cranberry producing region since colonial days.

At  Plymouth Colony Winery, New England's original cranberry Winery, Winemaker Charles Caranci is producing delightfully different cranberry and cranberry blended Wines .  His Wines embody the versatility and appeal of the increasingly popular cranberry, and other fruit, and complement any meal in any season, from springtime ham dinners to light summer salads, lobster bakes to traditional holiday fare.  Visitors to Plymouth Colony Winery enjoy free Wine tasting.

You are also invited to stroll around the bogs for an "up close" look at the life cycle of the cranberry, from the delicate blossoming in late spring, the red ripening of the berries in summer and the spectacularly colorful water harvest in the fall.

 A visit to Plymouth, MA will not be complete without stopping at New England's original cranberry Winery, Plymouth Colony Winery.   We are proud of our products.  Come taste and enjoy premium Wines with a distinctive difference.   We look forward to sharing the fruits of the harvest with you.

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