Plava Laguna Diving Center

Plava Laguna Diving Center in Porec, Istria, Croatia | Diving

Our Diving centre is located close to the Galijot hotel and rental apartments in Plava Laguna tourist settlement near Porec. Porec is in Croatia, on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula, which is situated in the northern Adriatic Sea, and is the central European gateway to the warmth of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Plava Laguna Diving Centre is open from the beginning of April until the end of October. Out of season Diving excursions, by means of advance notification and booking, are also available to those interested.

Organized dives take place in and around shoals and sandbanks surrounded by deeper waters, located 10 minutes to half an hour away from our Diving center, and are reached courtesy of the centre's own boat. Along with daytime Diving, we organize night Diving excursions, scuba-Diving around the shipwreck "Coriolanus", and underwater cave explorations around the islet of Banjole near Rovinj.

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