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Pizzeria Bella Milano in Hallstatt, Salzkammergut, Austria | Italian Restaurant | Italian Cuisine | Pizzeria

Pizzeria Bella Milano in Hallstatt, Austria is located just 200 metres from Lake Hallstatt right next to the valley station of the Salzbergbahn, and comes with dining room and garden seating. The Pizzeria is cozy with a lovely ambiance and can accommodate larger groups and bus tours with parking available for buses and cars. The cuisine is Italian, the pizzas divine, the menu sublime with choices of soups and salads, appetizers, fish dishes, grill items, Italian pastas, gnocchi, chicken wings, toretellini, macaroni, al forno and more, and pizzas and dishes are available dine in or take away. Pizzeria Bella Milano also has beer from the barrel, bottled beers, sparkling wines, white and red wines as well as Greek and Italian varieties, spirits and soft drinks, come for an exceptional dining experience of the finest Italian Cuisine, they look forward to meeting you.

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A-4830 Hallstatt
Upper Austria
+43 6134 200 37
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Italian Restaurant
Italian Cuisine
Fish Dishes
Grill Items
Italian Pastas
Chicken Wings
Al Forno
Garden Seating
Italian Wines