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Pirates of Nassau in Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas | Family Entertainment Centre | Museum | Collectibles

Pirates of Nassau in Nassau, Bahamas, is an interactive Museum of piracy and pirate collectables, with realistic recreations of what pirate life must have been in the 1700's. The golden age of piracy lasted from 1690 to 1720, with Nassau becoming the tropical pirate paradise, and today you have a perfect opportunity of joining them on an exciting adventure as you explore the Pirates of Nassau filled with interesting, and sometimes daunting, pirate collectables and replicas. A visit to Pirates of Nassau is a great outing for children as they get to board a replica of the pirate ship "Revenge" and discover a world of cutlass wielding, bloodthirsty pirates, and hear the mechanized banter of swashbuckling pirates planning their next plunder. Pirates of Nassau is a family friendly Museum filled with unique collectables, and well worth a visit.

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New Providence
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