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The ship enterprise started in 1949 with Viktor Giess. With a converted fisher boat (12 seats) named "sea gull" the first official passage from barrier living began to Ueberlingen. Five years later, in the year 1954, a larger ship with 39 seats was already needed. This was the ship "Creta". Age caused terminated Viktor to cease his activity. And I, Ewald Giess, took over the enterprise with the ship "Micky". The ship "Pirat" with 48 seats was already needed in 1974, because in the interest in the passages from barrier living to Ueberlingen constantly grew. 1978 we took up contact to lux-thrown to Bonn/Mondorf. There the ms "sea-bead" was put on Kiel and our first new ship was born 1979. The ms "barrier living" 1988 were added. Two ships and the second ship later my brother-in-law Siegfried Trummer joined. In 1995 came my son Michael Giess joined, to his teachings and civil service, as a a third ship captain. The number of passengers, in particular such with bicycles, rose enormously. The thought to a new and larger ship formed itself. Again we took up contact with lux-thrown and the ms "sea-star" accepted shape. Planned, drawn and again rejected... there was a new and more modern hull form, the fuel saved, travel time reduced, the wave impact reduced and was more pollution free. 1998 were activated the ms "sea-star". Before all family members and the workers were about lux-thrown eager in the Meersburg to build the trunk divided for the overland transport again together to clean and paint the whole ship again. To the first employment the new ship ms "sea-star" came punctually to the Pfingstsonntag 1998.

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