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Welcome to Pedal Power, Canberra, Australia. Pedal Power is the association of choice for cyclists in Canberra, the National Capital of Australia, and the surrounding region.  Our Mission at Pedal Power: To get more Canberrans Cycling more often, for a better community.  Our Aims: * To represent and further the interests of cyclists; * To increase public awareness of the advantages of Cycling; * To encourage the provision of bicycle facilities; * To disseminate information on bicycle safety, skills, maintenance and repair.

Many years ago someone suggested to the late Jim Fraser MHR, that Canberra was flat enough for most people to ride bicycles around the city, and that paths should be built to make that happen. Indeed, that was in the time when only about 50,000 people lived here in what we now call North and South Canberra. As many would know, Pedal Power was born out of the frustrations experienced by cyclists as the city rapidly grew. The lack of paths and facilities for cyclists was chronic. In the spirit of the times, and with due prominence given to the emerging ‘green’ movement, Pedal Power was registered as an incorporated organisation on the 11 November, 1975; a significant day of protest for Australia and as it turns out, for Canberra.

Pedal Power,has come a long way in nearly 30 years. It has the reputation of being one of the most effective lobby groups in Canberra. It has over 1500 members and has links to thousands more cyclists through the Bicycle Federation of AustraliaPedal Power,has done much to raise the general level of awareness of bicycles as a sustainable alternate transport. It has also raised the level of awareness to the tourism potential of Cycling. It has worked, and will continue to work towards emphasising the health benefits for all who cycle regularly.

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