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Welcome to Parkers Whisky Shop, Banff Scotland, Scotland. Parkers Whisky Shop was opened in December 2004 By Richard Parker in the town centre of Banff Scotland on the edge of the famous Speyside whisky region in Scotland. Specialising in all ranges of whisky, from the standard every day malts to the harder to find bottles and also the rare limited edition bottlings. Parkers Whisky has rapidly grown into one of the Worlds Premier Whisky Shops stocking over 1000 bottles from £10 to £10,000, with new stock being added daily.
What sets Parkers Whisky Shop apart form the competition is the customer service provided by Richard and his team and the complete online experience. Some of the simply things Richard wanted to solve with Parker's Whisky was having bottles you see on-line actually be available. Many bottles show as available in other whisky online stores but are not so when an order is placed. Parker's Whisky strives to keep accurate inventory for YOU.
Simply shipping calculations make it easy for you to know what and how much your bottle of malt is going to cost. The information on malts, distilleries and reviews make finding the bottle you want quick and easy.
Richard personally ensures his staff are well trained in the the art of whisky and are able to give decent honest advice and recommendations. Shipping is available worldwide and FREE gift wrapping on all products are offered. Richard and hist team are available by phone, email and welcome personal visits from all clients.

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