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The Paradiso Hotel and Restaurant is an even better three star which is situated in the most beautiful and central area of Senigallia.

The modern and ecological structured Paradiso Hotel and Restaurant is a better three star in the finest zone of Senigallia , located between the ?Rotonda sul mare? and the tennis fields in the Marche district of Italy.

We have four floors of bedrooms connected by the elevator services,
precisely as follows:

* 28 bedrooms of 2 or 3 beds;
* 4 suites (composed by three rooms with telephone service in each room and double bathroom);
* 5 Junior suites ( composed by two connected bedrooms)

We offer an amount of 50 rooms, all with a Telephone service and 4/5 sea facing with terrace. The three room suites can hold from five to eight persons. The junior suites, instead, can put up from three to five persons.

The Paradiso Hotel and Restaurant which offers best comfort at very convenient prices also have facilities that include: Restaurant ? American Bar ? Meeting room ? Parking ? Elevator ? Private Beach at their location in Senigallia, Marche district.

In our Hotel you can find inimitable Italian cooking, where every meal is a share of happiness. The kitchen is generously lead by the owners who are really kindly. The menu is typical with abundant portions like: grilled fish, assorted buffet, vegetables and a refined assortment of Tuscany,? Liguri? and ?Marchigiane? specialities.
The food in our restaurant doesn?t need to be branded because it comes from the history of renaissance palaces,
farmers kitchen and humble houses of the fishermen. The family who own the restaurant have a 120 years long experience in Hotel management,
and the owner is the sixth descent working in the same business.

All the food is cooked with pure olive oil which comes from the region mentioned above. The Hotel also have is own selected oils and wines.

The Paradiso Hotel cooking has been well know for over an hundred years in Europe, we received many compliments and we are very proud to offer good and healthy specialities.

Our place is like your place, at lunch time you can choose to eat fish or meat either on the first and the second portions. For dinner, instead you can have meat specialities, cheese and cold meats. At every meal there is plenty of grilled or raw vegetables.

To choose a holiday at the Paradiso Hotel is really healthy, and we make our customers live like princes.

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