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On the northern side of the Croatian island of Cres there is a cosy and pleasant inn, overlooking the small village of Beli , which was an Illyrian and then Roman town with some 2,000 years of history. Upon descending Beli you come to a small beach and a port. The hills surrounding Beli also hide the nests of Eurasian griffon vultures, a protected species of bird.
The inn offers Bed and Breakfast and evening meals at low prices either for individual guests or families. Our guests can enjoy home cooked food, wine, fresh fish, olives and cheese. They can also admire the sea views.
The Malatestinic Family accepts guests throughout the year. You can spend time on the beach, go diving or visit other towns on the island by bicycle or car, or even go for walks on the ecological paths that encircle Beli and maybe even find some edible mushrooms.
Beli is a village that offers much to nature lovers, the beauty of the sea and the peaceful, historical atmosphere that surrounds it.

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