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Pahad Poisid in Tartu, Tartu County, Estonia | Pub | Restaurant | Sports Bar | Restaurant and Pub

Pahad Poisid is a Sports Bar and Restaurant in Tartu, Estonia show all the latest games, and is the best place to catch the football with a good beer and great meal. They serve daily and monthly specials and the menu includes divine snack choices, soups, salads and mouthwatering Pub dishes like burgers, pulled pork, the Pub's one pan dish and more, main include lamb or salmon fillet, beef pepper steak, ribs, pork fillet, grilled meats, wiener schnitzel and other delectable choices ended with a great dessert, they also have group menus available. Pahad Poisid also has a great drinks menu, and is a very nice Pub in the city centre, and the atmosphere is really nice.

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Küüni 2
Tartu County
+372 7 441 484
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