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Ourem 88 in Palolem, Canacona, India | Restaurant

Ourem 88 in Palolem, Canacona, South Goa, India is located just 20 metres from the seashore in a quiet coconut grove and is a small home style European Restaurant in the courtyard of a home. Here fresh home cooked food based on the freshest locally sourced seasonal produce is the order of the day, and with a variety of specialty imported produce fused with a western style of cooking sublime tastes and a vibrant menu delight. Ourem 88 has a small evening bistro menu which regularly changes according to season, and booking is advised because tables are limited especially for groups, they also have a waiter service and serve drinks in their relaxed and friendly surrounds, come for a unique dining experience with new and exciting things on every visit.

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Behind Rococo Pelton,
+91 86988 27679
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Coconut Grove
Home Style
European Restaurant
Home Cooking
Seasonal Menu
Waiter Service

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