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Okamika in Zarautz, Gipuzkoa, Spain is the place to come if you are curious about wine and gastronomy, and here in the old town they mix strong Basque tradition with contemporary innovation. Come enjoy local cuisine with new and interesting flavours in a unique environment where pintxos and main dishes delight with wine and craft beers while a selection of good music plays in the background. Okamika is also the perfect venue to enjoy a drink with good company after a busy day. An artisan approach to the preparation of meals is the order of the day, and the menu reflects the seasons where they continue to add new dishes regularly, the wines include some of the best the peninsula has to offer as well as a selection of French wines and there's a selection available by the glass. Come for your absolute dining pleasure, they also have an excellent selection of spirits, it's all here.

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Ipar Kalea, 1,
Basque Country
+34 943 56 13 28
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Local Cuisine
Basque Tradition
Craft Beers
Good Muisic
Seasonal Menu

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