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Ocean Health and Beauty in Newcastle, County Down, United Kingdom | Day Spa | Facials | Hot Stone Massage

Ocean Health and Beauty in Newcastle, Ireland, is the all in one Day Spa where you can relax and enjoy a time of luxury and pampering with your favorite massage or
beauty treatment conducted in a tranquil and comfortable environment. For your special wedding day, consider spoiling yourself with an affordable and luxurious
pamper me package available at our Day Spa, an experience that will leave your skin soft, radiant and glowing. Treatments offered by Ocean Health and Beauty include
Facials, Hot Stone Massage, Priadara Thai massage, hair removal, micro needling and many other fantastic beauty treatments that will have you looking beautiful as
you confidently step out of our Day Spa.

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4 Savoy Lane
Northern Ireland
United Kingdom
028 4372 6924
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