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LeRoy French is the owner of Ocean Explorers here in St. Maarten. As most already know he started Diving in California in 1955 with some of the first Aqua Lungs that Cousteau had developed. In 1965 he became a NAUI instructor (#50) and has been Diving continuously since then. Over the years he has had the pleasure of teaching and Diving with some very notable persons: Sandra Bullock, Jackson Browne, Matthew McConaughey, Keith Emerson, Gianfranco Fini (Italy's foreign minister) to name a few. Today LeRoy is still teaching and Diving with his customers at the shop. Quite frankly he is probably one of the most experienced divers around today. OK, enough of that....
In and effort to provide more personal attention and better Diving for his customers, LeRoy is restricting the amount of divers on the boat at one time from 4 to 6. This means however, that reservations are mandatory as the boat fills up fast.
If you would like to read some recent articles about LeRoy, pick up the May 2nd, 2005 issue of 'SPORTS ILLUSTRATED' and the article entitled "The Devils Bite". Also if you are a NAUI diver check out this months NAUI magazine 'SOURCES', for a little of his Diving history.
Our Hawksbill turtle on 'French Reef' is still there. Amazing, as it has been over two years since she first appeared. She has been named 'Tanya'. Tanya also has a new friend...a beautiful Green turtle. The green turtle showed up about 6 months ago and decided to stay. So 'French Reef', though it is a shallow dive is becoming more and more interesting. We are still undecided on the name for the new resident.

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