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Ocean Eco Adventures in Exmouth, North West Cape, Australia | Snorkelling | Fishing and Adventure tours | Whale Watching

Ocean Eco Adventures in Exmouth, Western Australia, will take you on an amazing adventure that allows you to experience the beauty and magnificence of whale sharks, humpback whales, dolphins, manta rays and turtles in their home environment. Our seasonal cruises include sunset cruises, humpback whale cruises, whale shark discovery and live-aboard expeditions. An Ocean Eco Adventures Whale Shark Discovery cruise has a spotter aircraft for locating whale sharks, and also allows for more time Snorkelling with the whale sharks. A qualified guide accompanies you on your Snorkelling adventure, and a dvd of your swim with whale sharks is given to you as a gift from Ocean Eco Adventures. Whether you choose a live-aboard expedition or any of our other cruises, with Ocean Eco Adventures you are assured on a memorable experience.

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