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Oak Island Golf Club in Oak Island, Brunswick County, United States | Golf

Built in 1962 by world-renowned architect George Cobb, Oak Island Golf Club meanders through Yaupon Beach and Caswell Beach, Oak Island, United States.

This Oceanside course offers Golfers many of Mother Nature's most beautiful amenities; waterfowl, ocean dwelling birds, alligators, and all kinds of maritime plants and trees.

The well-conditioned course on Oak Island Golf Club features Bermuda grass greens, tees, fairways and roughs, 53 bunkers and water in play on nine different holes.

At Oak Island Golf Club you are presented with a true Golfing test even to the most avid Golfers. Wind, our Golfers most formidable challenge is almost always present, as evident by the wind shaped Live Oaks and Yaupon trees throughout the course. A full practice facility complete with sand traps, putting green and driving range is available to help fine tune your game.

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928 Caswell Beach Rd, Oak Island, NC 28465
Oak Island
North Carolina
United States
(910) 278-5275
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