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Naturerbe Zentrum Ruegen in Binz, Ruegen, Germany | Nature Reserve | Nature Center

The Naturerbe Zentrum Ruegen in Binz, on the island of Ruegen, Germany comprises the three major types of ecosysten including forest, wetlands and open habitat, and set in a lush natural setting of high conservational value, is a place of beauty to visit. There's a wheelchair friendly treetop walk, a canopy of old beech trees in Prora's beech forest, and they offer fascinating guided tours in the Nature Reserve as well as interactive exhibitions. The Naturerbe Zentrum Ruegen offers a journey of nature and discovery, breathtaking views of the island from the Eagle's Nest view tower, open air workshops and laboratory experiments as well as hands on seminars, after exciting walks and tours enjoy refreshments in the Boomhus with an excellent selection of organic meals and a diverse seasonal menu, it's all here.

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Forsthaus Prora 1,
+49 38393 / 66 22 00
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