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Upper Austria has not only outstanding and interesting Museums, but also a stroke of luck that a thousand years before, had an emerging culture of a whole era of human history in it's own name - the Hallstatt culture.

In 2002, after an extensive renovation the Museum Hallstatt reopened,  presenting this unique culture, and the thousands of years before their starting point. The special importance Hallstatts based primarily on its archaeological heritage and the salt extraction. The Museum Hallstatt also looks at  Hallstatt on a long and eventful history, in the year 1844 with Friedrich Simony as a starting point. 1884 constituted the Musealverein Hallstatt. Thus began a continuous exploration of Hallstatt its culture and history.

A total of 26 topics are today divide  the Museum Hallstatt and lead from the Neolithic developments on the prehistoric salt mining to the Celts and Romans. Middle Ages and modern times, the great explorer of the Hallstatt culture (Ramsauer, Simony, Engl and Morton) will also find their place as the rich finds and treasures of the graveyard. 

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