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Musee Frederic Dumas in Sanary-sur-Mer, France collects, preserves and presents fascinating objects and documents linked and related to scuba diving, and it is named after Frederic Dumas who was a pioneer of autonomous scuba diving, and an underwater archaeologist. Come view the fascinating collections, books and documents, most of which were donated or loaned by people with an interest in autonomous diving, and there are temporary exhibitions in the Hall Fargues which presents different objects in time. Musee Frederic Dumas is now modernized by putting its databases on the web allowing visitors to have additional information on objects on the internet, come for an unforgettable visit with audio guides and view the incredible world of the history of diving.

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12 Rue Lauzet Aine,
Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur
+33 4 94 32 97 84
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