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Musee des Automates in La Londe-les-Maures, Var, France | Museum

Musee des Automates at Chateau Maravenne in La Londe-les-Maures, Var, France tells the historical story of the vine, and the Museum comes alive as you immerse yourself fully into the life of a 1920's winemaker family. This unique concept of 50 fully automated people and animals, is an amazing adventure spoken by professional actors, and the staging is of striking accuracy, this show will amaze and educate young and old as you journey through this historical and fascinating story. Musee des Automates is open to all by appointment only and there is a special tasting of wines at the end of the visit, come for an hour of incredible entertainment and learning, a must visit.

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Chateau Maravenne, Route de Valcros,
La Londe-les-Maures
Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur
04 94 66 80 20
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Automated Museum
Winemaking Family
Winemaker Story
Wine Tasting

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