Michiel de Ruijterhaven

Michiel de Ruijterhaven in Vlissingen, Walcheren, Netherlands | Sailing

Michiel de Ruijterhaven is the ideal operating base for every Sailing yacht that wishes to visit Vlissingen and is also the operating base for CR Yachts Benelux.

The Michiel de Ruijterhaven is very strategically placed, compared with other ports in the Netherlands. It is 5 hours by boat to Antwerp at medium speed and 3 hours from the inlet to the Channel at South Beveland with Breskens on the other side. Zeebrugge is 17 miles away, while Blankenberge is located at a distance of 21 miles.

The shipping industry in the area is a safe and pleasant and presents no obstacle to your Sailing pleasure.

Michiel de Ruijterhaven, Vlissingen is close to both the Arsenal and the muZEEum, which are very popular attractions. and after a tiring day of Sailing, nothing is more enjoyable than a dinner at the spectacular Brasserie Evertsen

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