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Welcome to Memories Unlimited, Winchester, England in the United Kingdom. A single memory card, the size of a postage stamp, can store literally thousands of photographs. Used with a digital frame, it can display your precious memories as a continuous unobtrusive "slideshow". Whether it's for a special occasion, a birthday or anniversary party, for example, or just to replace your collection in shoe boxes, albums and tatty envelopes, digitising your pictures makes perfect sense.
It's not just photographic prints that Memories Unlimited in Winchester, England, can store for you, we scan slides, negatives, letters, newspaper cuttings, drawings, cine film and videotapes as well, helping you to put together a Personal History Slideshow or comprehensive digital album, which can also be viewed on your TV using a DVD. Captions can be added to the pictures to jog the memory as well as Title Pages.
"Celebrations of Life", displayed during or after a funeral, can be of considerable comfort during a stressful and poignant occasion. We provide a special service whereby our whole process can be condensed into a period as short as 24 hours.
For one-off events you can hire frames from us at very reasonable rates, or we can show you how to display your slideshow on other media, such as computer monitors or televisions.
Memories Unlimited come to your home to discuss your collection with you. We help you to select the pictures to be scanned and the order in which you would like them displayed.
One of the most rewarding applications for our skillsat Memories Unlimited is the compiling of Personal History Slideshows for use by elderly people with memory problems. Clinical Psychologists working with clients with dementia or Alzheimer's recommend the use of personal photographs and have found them to have positive effects. Whilst a clutter of individual photos or unwieldy albums can be a hindrance, a single digital frame with a carefully compiled slideshow can induce happy memories and help relieve depression.

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